Frequently Asked Questions

What are the movies playing in 2022?

September 16th • Sing 2

September 23rd • Ferris Bueller's Day Off

September 30th • The Sandlot

October 7th        • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

When do the movies begin?

Movies begin just after the sun goes down, so google the sunset for that particular night to get a good idea. Sometimes the start time is delayed because of weather or wind.

Will food or drinks be sold at the event?

This is a vendor and sponsor-free event. We encourage you to head across the street to the great shops and restaurants on Main Street to get food and drinks. Snack local!

Some of these movies are PG and PG-13, how is this “family friendly”?

We go through the movies and replace most of the bad language according to the rules of broadcast television. For example, we’ll let someone say “ass”, but not “assh*le”. If there are scenes that are too sexually suggestive or violent, we remove them in a way that still maintains the integrity of the film. We’re parents of grade school children ourselves, and we present it the same way we’d want it presented to our kids.

Why September for this event?

September is the perfect time for outdoor movies. The sun goes down sooner (allowing us to bring families out and get to bed at a reasonable hour), and the temperature is still comfortable.

Is this a city event or Chamber of Commerce event?

No, this event is privately put on by Fresh Cut Creative as a way to give back to the city we love. Please don’t bother our dear friends at the city and Chamber for questions about the movie :-)

Can I sponsor the event?

No, sorry. We try very hard to keep it an ad-free environment. Our goal is to just show a movie for the town and keep it simple.

Is alcohol allowed at the event?

No, the same rules that apply to a city park apply here. Any alcohol, drug, or tobacco use is strictly prohibited.

Do you license your movies? Do you have a permit for this event?

Absolutely. This is the industry we work in, and we proudly pay licensing fees to show these films. We are also fully permitted.

Do I have to pick up my trash?

We know this probably isn’t a FAQ, but it’s important that we post anyway. You are responsible for your own trash, please take with you and throw away.

How are the movies chosen?

In general, we try to do 2 kids movies that parents can still enjoy, an 80s’esque film, and a big “popcorn” film. Our litmus test? If you were changing the channels and this movie popped up…would you stop and watch? It’s worth noting that many of the movies we’d like to show are not licensable (Harry Potter series, Star Wars, etc).

Can I give suggestions for the movies you show?

Because of the licensing, these movies are chosen months in advance. If you’d like to give ideas for next year, feel free to kindly let us know at the event.